Application Guide

Did we arouse your interest? – Send us your application!

General instructions for a successful application with us

Read carefully!

Project manager does not equal project manager! Please, follow the general and the specific demands for the respective position.

Expressive complete application papers!

The first impression is vital. The better you present yourself, the higher your chances are of getting an interview with WEBER GmbH.

Apply for a posted position

Please indicate in the cover letter the job reference. So we can forward your application directly to the appropriate division, thus shorten the processing time.

    You should provide the following information in your covering letter:
  • Where did you find us? With this information you can help us to improve our Recruiting platforms
  • Your first possible start date
  • Your salary requirement

Speculative application

You didn't find a suitable job description? Then apply proactive. In order to assign your application to one of our divisions, please include the following information:

  • Your desired application area within the company - more information about our departments can be found here
  • Your first possible start date
  • Your salary requirement


Your application should include in general:

  • Covering letter with essential information, how did you become aware of us
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Relevant references and proofs of qualification

You can send your complete application documents by post, by e-mail (PDF, data amount at most 4 MB) or online via our user-friendly Application Management System (preferred).

Helpful tips for your application, e. g. Yourfirm

Do you want to improve your German? Here you will find free online courses:

You have applied? What happens now?

First you receive in a customary/contemporary way an acknowledgement of receipt.

We send this to you preferably by e-mail or according to possibility by post.

Then we check your documents.

After a first completeness check by human resources, your application will be passed on to the respective business division. They will check your qualification regarding the specific requirements of the particular job.

We find your application interesting? Then we would like to speak with you.

If your qualification makes us curious, we will arrange a telephone interview or we invite you to attend a personal interview. During the interview we present our company and you will have the opportunity to convince us of your professional and personal skills. You have impressed us? Then a second interview is no obstacle. Usually, the negotiation process will start now, the exact job description and general working conditions on site.

We find your application interesting – but currently we have no suitable job/position to assign?

Compliment! Then we take up your application, your consent provided, with pleasure in our candidate pool. In case of new vacancies we can match your qualification with the respective requirement. If you are not interested any more, please inform us and we delete your application documents in our database.

Privacy policy for job applicants (Find also in our impressum)

Your data will automatically be collected, processed and used both mechanically and manually according to the terms of the German Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz), if this is required for the performance and handling of the application process. Your data will also be forwarded to (potential) employers to the extent necessary for possible collaboration. This does not affect application procedures in the areas of Sales and Administration.

Your applicant data will be made accessible to the subsidiaries as well as our central personnel department. Six months after completion of the application procedure, your applicant documentation will be returned and all stored data deleted. If you explicitly permit the use of your data for other openings after completion of the application procedure, your data will not be deleted.

Data will not be disclosed to other third parties unless you have explicitly given your approval. Even in this case, you have the right to revoke this approval at any time.