Portrait of the managing directors

Innovative development – designing the future

A strong team – we work for our customers and employees. Our goal is to make our ideas into successful new products, production processes and machines.

Reinhard Weber

The founder
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„In a high-technology field, we can rely on broad experience from over 1500 projects. Our history of success over more than 30 years shows we're right.”

In 1979, he founded WEBER with the business goal of offering design and engineering services. After just a short time, the freshly founded company was already doing brisk business, and started hiring.

Since then, the company founder and visionary has succeeded in continuously building and expanding WEBER GmbH. During that, it was also important to fend off one economic crisis or another.

But thanks to his motto Use the time wisely and his outstanding business-minded nature, he was also able to get through those times and bring WEBER GmbH to its present success as an established midsized company.

Alexander Kobras

Dipl.-Ing. in Mechanical Engineering
+49 (0)6021 35 88 - 0

„Our strength as a technology company is that we smoothly bring together all the necessary interfaces – from CAD design to controller development to assembly, testing and commissioning.”

After school, Alexander Kobras initially decided on education as a chassis and vehicle designer.

A short time afterwards, he enrolled for studies in general mechanical engineering at the Gießen Friedberg Technical University. After successful graduation as a Diplom Ingenieur in 1996, he was hired by WEBER GmbH as a designer in the area of special machine design.

Just two years later, he was working as project lead, and in 2000 he assumed management of the company's own special machine design department. In 2001, Alexander Kobras was named General Manager of the Special Machines and System Design Division at WEBER GmbH. His authority was extended to all the divisions of the company in 2003. Since then, he has worked together with company founder Reinhard Weber to ensure the continued success of the company.

Since November, 2012, Alexander Kobras is managing director of WEBER GmbH.