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Matthias Vogel
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Elektrotechnik
Dipl.-Wirtschaftsing. (FH)
Division Manager
Commercial Vehicles
+49 (0)6021 35 88 - 153


  • After having a serious accident, a forklift driver suffered from massive restriction in movement in his right arm up to the shoulder and neck area. In order to allow him to continue working, the young man’s employer asked us to modify “his” truck in such a way that would allow access for disabled people.

    Scope of work

    The existing steering wheel has to be removed and substituted by a smaller steering wheel attached on the driver’s left side (preferably to the door). The handling of the joystick on the right side is to be realised by an armrest which can be moved in both x and y directions. The slide should allow for the maximum driving distance and joystick angle, and it should have a central basic/neutral position. The horn function must be integrated into the console, as the steering wheel with an integrated horn was removed. The armrest must be ergonomically designed in order to design the fixation of the arm. Existing components from the vehicle or from the (employer’s) range of spare parts should be used for the conversion where possible.

  • Realisation

    The right-hand control terminal in the truck was preserved with a variable overlay which means it can be traversed longitudinally and across. We exchanged the arm support with a supporting moulded foam pad to ensure the forearm does not slip off. In order to ensure the steering box assembly could be easily operated – along with a 90-grade-angled arm - the steering wheel was offset into the left door of the truck.

      We specifically executed:
    • Drawing of components for assembly
    • Requests from several suppliers on the basis of 2D detail drawings and BOM Throughout the project: coordination of any changes / adjustments to production improvement with suppliers and, where necessary, after clearing revisions made to the employer’s drawings
    • Order and production of the manufacturing and purchase items for the conversion of the truck
    • Partial delivery or pre-assembly of functional modules

  • Summary

    The young employee is now able to move his arm from the shoulder onwards, using the joystick’s operating lever and the armrest without needing to use his fingers.