Simulator for Driving-Assistance-System

  • Task

    A newly developed driving assistance system, called LSP (further information) for forklift trucks for accident prevention, is to be presented to the public in a realistic and media-effective manner.

    In order to experience the benefits and advantages in different driving situations, we built a simulator. In this simulator, various episodes are staged in which the driver will tip over without the safety system and a tipping is avoided when the LSP is connected. The tracing of the driving situation can be tracked on a screen (external view / driver’s perspective where required reversible). The simulator is used at various events, e.g. can be rented and used in training courses.

  • Our performance

    Central task was to engineer a simulation system around the driver's cab, provided by the customer. The simulation system should enable to simulate different driving situations in a realistic way. The cab had to be "gimbaled" so that frontal and lateral tipping can be actively simulated.

    Assembly of the under-frame, including all associated fastening elements, holders, stairs, adjustable feet, panels, and so on
    Mechanical documentation
    Evaluation of tipping load