Juist project

  • Task

    A newly developed drive system had to be presented to the public in a spectacular manner. For the location of the event, management selected the water tower that is symbolic of the East Frisian island of Juist. „Straight up the water tower” was the challenge. The task of WEBER GmbH was to make that dream of the marketing department a reality.

    The following details had to be taken into consideration:
    The forklift, which weighed 2.5 tonnes on its own, had to make it up a vertical height of 12 metres on its own power. The system had to work in a standalone manner, since it was prohibited to attach brackets or the like to the water tower. No changes could be made to the forklift that would change the characteristics of travel (winch or the like). Since there is no powered vehicle traffic on Juist (with the exception of fire-fighters and ambulances), the structure had to be set up in such a way that transport was possible with the local horse-drawn carriages.

  • Performance

    The WEBER GmbH team designed and built a 3.5-tonne, 15-metre high ramp of steel that could be folded up. For force transmission and safety, two chains were placed into the channel and two sprockets attached to the forklift's drive axle. To prevent the battery from overflowing (environmental protection), it was removed and then reattached to the forklift using long cables. A professional stuntman was hired to drive the forklift 12 metres straight upwards on the day of the show.

  • Summary

    • The customer could demonstrate the quality of their vehicles in an effective and very spectacular marketing event
    • The WEBER team showed its practiced interdepartmental cooperation that can implement even the craziest of ideas and experiments in the shortest time possible