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Jörg Fay
Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering
Division Manager Test Benches
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Matthias Vogel
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Electrical Engineering
Industrial Engineer
Division Manager Electronics | Software
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Automated tester for stepper motors

  • Task

    Our task was the design, development, commissioning of the automated tester and development of the structure-borne noise testing technology.

  • Description

    The stepper motors are fed to the automated tester in 4 different trays, and automatically removed with a robot three at a time and inserted into the test holders. In the test holder, the stepper motor is held down, contacted and a test disc is attached. The complete test holder is mounted on a vibration damper (air cushion), as external vibrations can influence the system and falsify the measurement results.

    A structure-borne noise sensor is used to detect noises during control of the stepper motor. The measurement disc is used with a laser sensor to measure the synchronisation of the stepper motor. After the test is complete, the robot removes the three stepper motors, affixes labels and then places them back in the tray provided.