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Division Manager Test Benches
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Matthias Vogel
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Test bench for rotary speed sensors

  • Task

    Our service included the complete development process, from planning to design to construction of the test bench and qualification testing of the sensors. A functional inspection of the rotational speed sensors had to be carried out as a spot check and also as an intermediate test after climate testing. There are currently three different variants with different functional scopes, but all the types are based on the Hall sensor principle.

  • Description

    The sensor is positioned opposite a multiple sensor wheel using a precision three-axis system. The sensor wheel is mounted on a three-phase motor and rotated by a frequency converter, stimulating the sensor. The rotational speed sensor is implemented as an active current source that converts the changing magnetic field into a square current signal. This signal is processed by the test bench, which carries out frequency and pulse width measurements, an evaluation of modulated Manchester-encoded bit information and voltage measurements. The distance between the sensor and the sensor wheel is also measured using a laser micrometer. An automatic test and positioning of as many test steps as desired on up to ten sensors can also be carried out using a test sequencer. Different interfaces (RS-232, CANopen, GPIB) and digital channels are available to the LabVIEW application to communicate with test bench peripherals.