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CTS measurement system

  • Task

    The customer requires a measurement station for distance measurement between male and female moulds in an installed contact lens tool, and simultaneously for absolute height measurement of the female mould. The system has to be completely autonomous and must be equipped with a network-capable computer and its own printer.

  • Description

    The measurement station for distance measurement between male and female moulds has the task of measuring the distance between the peaks of moulds installed in the tool. The tool is inserted into a holder with a stable base plate that stands on a lower frame. Ten lenses are mounted into a massive holder, and connected via fibre optic lines and a switch to a central interferometer. Various switches, initiators, indexes and a chip reader, together with an industrial PC, make up the control system. The worker places the tool to be measured in the closed condition into the measurement system. After the tool number is detected and the expected data input, the tool is indexed. The controlling LabVIEW application switches between each measurement point in sequence on the interferometer measurement channel, starting with position 1.

    The corresponding measured values are retrieved from the interferometer by network connection. Single position measurement is also possible. The absolute height measurement is carried out with the tool opened, and this is automatically detected by the system. The measured values are output on the TFT monitor and also printed onto a template. The measured data is stored and can thus be retrieved again at a later date. Obsolete files are automatically deleted.