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Rotary indexing table for VL joint assembly

  • Task

    An assembly system for the installation of VL pivot joints, including leak testing of the sheet metal cap with a separate ball insertion station, parts feed, parts discharge and NOK rejection had to be built.

    Description of the system

    A worker at a ball insertion station with a fixed workpiece holder manually inserts the inner race, ball retainer and 6 ball bearings into a VL pivot joint, then if necessary mounts a retaining ring on the pivot. Then the workpiece carrier is taken to a transfer station, a gripper unit lifts the preassembled joint out of the workpiece carrier and places it vertically in the first station of the assembly system.

    In the assembly system, the joint is taken cyclically to the individual stations for further processing. The system controller continually monitors the assembly state of the joints. All specifications and test values for the individual stations are stored in a computer, and are compared with the values currently detected. Once all steps have been completed with process reliability, a gripper unit places the joint onto the OK discharge belt for packaging.

    The processing status must be communicated between the stations, and defective parts are cycled to the following stations without further processing at the transfer station and the placed onto the NOK rejection belt.

  • Performance

    The project included the following steps:

    • Concept preparation
    • Design of the system
    • Electrical hardware planning
    • Software creation
    • Electrical and mechanical construction
    • Commissioning including testing
    • Detailed documentation
    • Delivery and commissioning on-site for the customer