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Thomas Schmitt
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Electrical Engineering
Division Manager Test Center
+49 (0)6021 35 88 - 171

Environmental simulation of rear view camera system

  • Task

    During introduction of a new product, the manufacturer is required to certify to the customer the suitability and reliability of the system. WEBER GmbH was entrusted with the testing of suitability in a realistic environment, which was certified with an environmental simulation.

  • Performance

    During this project, the following areas of environmental simulation were covered:

    • Climatic simulation
    • Mechanical simulation
    • Chemical resistance

    The main field of activity in this project was the climatic simulation, since the product had to be monitored periodically in different functional states. Due to the lengthy duration of the individual tests, automated monitoring was required.

    To make that a reality, it was necessary to set up some project-specific framework conditions:

    • Camera bracket to simulate the installation situation in combination with a suitable test sample in the field of vision of the camera
    • Communication option with all test objects (CAN)
    • Measurement of the power consumption under different operating conditions

    The mechanical components were developed by our in-house design department and fabricated by our production department. The development and production of the communications modules was handled by our electronics department. The software should be highlighted as an important component that was used to handle the different measurement tasks. For this project, LabVIEW by National Instruments was used.