Instrument cluster project management

  • Task

    WEBER GmbH handled the mechanical development and complete project management for an instrument console. The project responsibility encompassed every step – from design surface creation and design validation, the concept phase, to series tooling status, including 3D models and tool-ready drawings.

  • Performance

    For cost reasons no prototype tools were created in this project; the first components were fabricated with the series production tools.

    Validation of the components for feasibility and surface quality for the tools was achieved using Moldflow analysis. Together with the customer's technical departments, the design team prepared and moderated the complete design FMEA (using the APIS IQ-FMEA program). Hardware, environmental and shaker testing were conducted by our staff in the WEBER testing laboratory according to the customer's desired guidelines.

  • Summary

    • Avoiding the need for sample tools saved the customer considerable costs.
    • The use of special 2K components (transparent with chrome plating) in exposed areas yielded a high-quality design with effective illumination