Software testing

WEBER carries out the complete verification and validation of your software.

We plan, organise, perform and evaluate the tests, meaning you can be assured of a comprehensive project management service from our experts who will visit your site or who work in our engineering offices.

Our services at a glance
  • Test management (planning and organisation)
  • Preparation of functional specifications
  • Design and analysis of test strategies
  • Creation/revision of test documents using requirements management or traceability matrix
  • Creation and execution of tests (manual, semi-automated and fully automated) in laboratory/field
  • Performance of reviews
  • Error analysis and management by means of error databases
  • Test, qualification and final reports
  • Blackbox and whitebox method
  • Validation and verification tests
  • Module, integration, system and acceptance tests
  • Environmental simulation
  • Software tests for automotive control units

     Automotive control unit
    Project description

    In the run-up to series production, we were tasked with testing the control units for a new car model. The test scope was very complex and included dynamic software and component tests, blackbox and whitebox procedures as well as integration, system and acceptance tests. Both interactive and automated tests were performed.

    The project started with the design and analysis of test strategies as well as test planning and organisation. Next, we created the test documents from the source documents (requirement/functional specifications). In order to produce optimum requirements documentation, we made use of requirements management and a traceability matrix and carried out constant reviews. The software tests were automated and carried out using equipment such as camera test systems. We documented errors with the help of an error management system and by creating status, qualification or final reports.

    Next, we programmed or flashed the control units, conducted test runs with prototypes and evaluated the data. Finally, we tested the reproducibility of the software. Through regular meetings, our engineers were in permanent contact with the customer throughout the entire project.

    More project details PDF (1MB)

  • Tools

    • LabVIEW
    • CANoe
    • TestStand
    • dSPACE hardware
 Instrument panel