Cable harness development

Vehicle electrical systems

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Vehicle electrical systems – the nervous systems of vehicles.

Vehicle electrical systems are highly complex systems that continuously have to be adapted to new requirements. What’s more, no two cable harnesses are alike! The electronic components have to be selected and developed according to the vehicle model and its equipment. We make sure that you receive professional support and service throughout every stage of your project.

Our services at a glance
  • Development of vehicle electrical systems
  • Creation of cable harnesses
  • Drafting of circuit diagrams, cable harness drawings and assembly drawings
  • Design and development of individual elements and complex assemblies
  • Cable harness modelling and configuration in the overall CAD design
  • Package and tolerance analyses
  • Creative solutions in the field of automotive engineering
  • Simple adaptation of cable harness/assembly drawing/parts list
  • Component integration
  • Concept development and implementation of a complex CO function
  • Project management from A-Z, including order enquiries and deadline monitoring
  • Initial sampling
  • Library creation
  • Monitoring of the assembly up to final acceptance
  • Documentation
  • Tools

    • Zuken E3.3D Routing Bridge/cable/schematic
    • Siemens NX 
    • EPLAN
    • and much more