From the original founding of our company in 1979, Reinhard Weber believed that innovation combined with technical excellence would be the key to success. And he was proved right – for within a short time, the newly founded company was able to enjoy a flourishing inflow of projects and orders. Today, innovative power and technical excellence remain our basis for success and our key to the future.

  • A look back at the first 20 years

    •  Team in 1979 - Weber Design


      Reinhard Weber founds his company with the business mission of providing design and engineering services. In the years that follow through to the present day, the founder and visionary continuously expands the company bearing his name.
      Needless to say, those years are not without periods of economic crisis and business challenge. Thanks to his motto "Use the time" and his strongly entrepreneurial orientation, Mr Weber is able to successful lead the growing company through both good times and bad, ultimately leading to the WEBER GmbH of today: a well-established leader in industrial automation technology, in Germany and throughout the world.

    • Team in the 80s


      The company’s range of services is expanded to include the planning, design and manufacture of specialised machinery and plants.

    • Plan


      As the engineering world is rapidly transformed by CAD technology, WEBER adopts EasyCAD and MicroStation, followed by  CATIA, SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER and Unigraphics in subsequent years

    • Codes programmieren


      WEBER invests in a third new business division, which will become an ever more important pillar of its future success: Engineering services in the areas of electronics and software development.


    • The new headquarters


      Following the disruptions of a major fire, WEBER GmbH moves to a newly constructed facility in Aschaffenburg (Wailandtstr.6), which today remains the headquarters of WEBER GmbH.

      The German labour authority grants WEBER special permission to hire out staff.

    • 1999

      The company’s growing electronics business expands its range of services by offering software and
      hardware testing services (climate testing, environmental simulation).

    • Product on plan


      WEBER gains state approval to offer technical apprenticeships – initially in technical drafting and industrial mechanics.

    •  Mann mit Ordnern/Informationen der DIN EN ISO Zertifizierung


      WEBER introduces standardised quality management, thereby achieving certification under DIN EN ISO 9001.

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    •  Shaker Fritz - the origins of the testing laboratory


      The increasing demand for product certification leads WEBER to establish a new testing laboratory for climate, environmental, vibration, shock, and EMC/ESD testing.

  • Rapid business expansion - WEBER’S commitment to quality pays off

    •  Our team on the stairs


      WEBER receives additional approval to offer technical apprenticeships in mechatronics.

    •  Weber employee in a "w".


      The company reaches a new growth milestone as the number of employees rises to over 110.

    • Screenshot LabVIEW


      WEBER growing testing laboratory is accredited under DIN EN ISO 17025, thereby formally recognising the technical excellence and reliability already long known to its clients.

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    • The office WEBER GmbH in Darmstadt / Morneweg


      WEBER GmbH responds to the growing demand for its engineering services by opening a new branch office in the city of Darmstadt.

    •  Personaldienstleistung whiteboard


      WEBER opens a further branch office in the city of Pforzheim (which will be relocated four years later to Leinfelden-Echterdingen on the outskirts of Stuttgart).

      Alexander Kobras is appointed managing director of WEBER GmbH, succeeding Reinhard Weber as the company’s chief executive.

    • Test Center Wailandtstr. 8


      After three years of conversion and new construction, the company’s new testing facility in its Aschaffenburg headquarters complex is finally ready. With total floor space of 1,400 sq.m., the new Test Center provides a wide variety of simulated testing environments, allowing WEBER to offer its clients a full range of climate testing, vibration and mechanical shock testing, corrosion testing, electrical testing, and various system and function tests.

    • Office in the city of Regensburg.


      The company, building on its solid foundation and many years of successful growth, takes a decisive step to position itself for the future: WEBER GmbH formulates and commits to an action plan which it will implement and defined objectives which it will achieve under the slogan "Embracing the opportunities of the future on a foundation of stability".

      WEBER acquires PS Design + Prototyping GmbH and opens new premises in the southeast German city of Regensburg.

    • New offices at the Test Center.


      In response to growing demand, the company’s well-established and highly successful Test Center is further expanded.

      WEBER GmbH Test Center

    •  WEBER GmbH - headquarters Aschaffenburg.


      At the start of the year, the WEBER Test Center receives flexible DAKKS accreditation, broadly ensuring the highest standards of quality for even the most demanding test requirements.

      WEBER GmbH quickly and proactively responds to the coronavirus pandemic by adapting and digitalising work processes and by protecting its staff, in particular through home office alternatives