Our Management working together towards a common goal.

Here we introduce our Chief Executive Officer, who leads our company.

Alexander Kobras

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Following an apprenticeship in the automotive industry, Alexander Kobras completed his university studies of mechanical engineering. He joined WEBER GmbH upon his graduation in 1996, starting out as a design engineer for specialised machinery construction. Just two years later he was promoted to project manager and in 2000 to head of specialised machinery for WEBER’s in-house requirements.

In 2001, he was appointed head of the entire business area of special machinery and plant construction, with legal authority to represent the division. In 2004 that authority was extended to all of WEBER’s business areas.

In November 2012 Alexander Kobras was named managing director of WEBER GmbH, since which time he has served as its Chief Executive Officer.


 Alexander Kobras