Technical product designer for machine and plant construction

Working in our office using the latest CAD programs,

you will design and construct components, assemblies and even entire systems according to the specifications of our engineers.


What you will learn with us:
  • How to carry out various calculations, such as angles, surfaces and volumes
  • How to plan and design components with 3D CAD software programs
  • How to create and apply technical documents
  • How to determine which materials and assembly techniques are suitable
  • How to conduct tests
How does the apprenticeship work?

The apprenticeship lasts three and a half years, which is six months longer than many other dual training programmes. If you are progressing well, you can apply to shorten the apprenticeship period (by up to one year). The intermediate examination takes place towards the end of the 2nd year of the apprenticeship.

This is the right apprenticeship for you if:
  • You are creative and have good spatial perception
  • You like to draw and have a technical understanding
  • You like to work with computers
  • You have good final secondary school grades and mathematics and physics are among your favourite subjects