Electronic technician apprenticeship

Is tinkering with things your passion?

Are you extremely patient and love getting things to work? Then you can support our teams in the assembly and construction of highly complex automated systems. In the event that a customer reports a problem with a completed system, you will be responsible for meticulously finding the root cause and solving the problem.

 Electronics technician programming
What you will learn with us:
  • How to read circuit diagrams
  • How to install electrical wiring
  • How to program the technology
  • How to conduct tests
  • How to commission systems
How does the apprenticeship work?

The apprenticeship lasts three and a half years, which is six months longer than many other dual training programmes. If you are progressing well, you can apply to shorten the apprenticeship period (by up to one year). The intermediate examination takes place towards the end of the 2nd year of the apprenticeship.

One day a week you will attend a vocational college.

This is the right apprenticeship for you if:  
  • You are good with your hands and have a high level of technical understanding
  • You work carefully and meticulously – after all, you will be dealing with highvoltage current!
  • You have good final secondary school grades
  • Mathematics, design technology and computer science are among your favourite subjects