Automatic functional test rig for gear pumps

functional test rig for gear pumps

Maximum load testing of gear pumps.

The project included the design, construction and assembly of an automatic functional test rig for gear pumps.

The preassembled gear pump is placed on a workpiece carrier by a handling system. A conveyor system with data storage and read/write system transports the workpiece carrier to the removal position. Next, an automatic loading and unloading handling system takes the pump to be tested and places it on one of the two test nests. Here, the pump’s flow rate, pressure pulsation, pressure and torque are measured. The measurement results are stored to enable statistical evaluation.

Technical description
  • Cycle time: 20 seconds
  • Testing at 100 °C and in 4 different oil circuits
  • Load test with oil pressure up to 40 bar
  • Leak test of oil channels in their own circuit
  • Inspection of the hydraulic tension
  • The gear pump is driven to 8000 rpm by a water-cooled servomotor
  • Measurement data acquisition via a real-time system from National Instruments
  • Programming of the test programs in LabWindows
  • The measurement data is stored in an SQL database
  • Recording of measured values when testing torque, pressure, temperature and flow rate
  • Pressure pulsation test (FFT) with conversion of the amplitude spectrum (p[bar]) to the level spectrum (p[dB])
  • Evaluation of level addition of 24 pump frequencies
  • Trumpf laser marking and verification of the DMC code with camera system
  • Continuous filtering and testing of the test oil with particle monitor
  • Cleaning station for gear pump