Automatic screw insertion and fastening using a collaborative robot

Streamlining model maintenance.

In this project, the customer wished to update and improve front frame assemblies as part of the model maintenance process. For this purpose, an assembly line with a final test rig was adapted to include a screw insertion and fastening machine with a collaborative robot (cobot) at one of the workstations.

Human-robot cooperation
Technical  description
  • Automatic screw insertion and fastening of parts
  • Gripping and positioning of the screwdriver attachments using gripper system on UR10 cobot
  • Screw insertion with force-controlled feed and fastening cobot
  • Freely configurable screw sequence and individual screwdriving programs
  • Automatic exchange of screwdriver attachments and positioning of components
  • Connection to host computer system
  • All data regarding screw insertion and fastening procedures stored in host computer system
  • Cycle time: 30 seconds