Robot unloading and testing for vl joints

Addition of a test station to an assembly line

For this project, we use two 6-axis robots (cobots) in the test station: the first 6-axis robot brings the camera, the lighting unit and a laser triangulation system into position to perform various control tests; the station can be rotated by means of a motor and is equipped with an incremental encoder. The second 6-axis robot, which is equipped with an automatic gripper change system, removes the component after it has successfully passed the inspection and places it in a Kolox box. The robot also has the additional task of placing the intermediate shelves in the Kolox box. 

The handling system places faulty joints back on the delivery belt and feeds them to the niO station. For this process, we retrofitted the delivery belt and the workpiece carriers with a read-write system.

 VL joints
Technical description
  • Force-controlled positioning of the components between tip and cone
  • Positioning of camera, lighting unit and laser triangulation system in inspection position with a 6-axis robot
  • Inspection of the painted surfaces, metal rings or plastic caps for any type of damage using a camera system
  • Application-specific camera and camera accessories (resolution 2448 x 2048 pixels) with telecentric lens and lens filter, application-specific transmitted light illumination
  • Palletisation of the inspected parts in a Kolox box with a second 6-axis robot
  • Automatic placement of the intermediate shelves in the Kolox box
  • Automatic gripper change system
  • Connection to host computer system
  • Saving of results in CSV files
  • User administration by means of the “EKS” electronic key system
  • Cycle time: 15 seconds


6 axis robot working