Simulation system for driver assistance system

Driver in the cabin


Eliminating the risk of vehicle tip-over.

In this project, a brand-new driver assistance system for forklift trucks to prevent accidents, known as LSP, was to be presented to the public in a way that was both realistic and would create impact in the media.

Our job was to build a simulator for our customer to bring to life the benefits and advantages of the system in different driving situations. In the simulator, various hazardous situations were demonstrated in which the vehicle would tip over without the LSP and but be prevented from doing so when the LSP was switched on. The reproduction of the driving situation could be followed on a screen (switching between the outside view/driver view as necessary).

The simulator is used at various events, such as trade fairs, and can be rented and used in driving training courses.

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 LSP Simulator

Our services in detail.

Around the driver’s cab provided by the customer, we constructed a simulation system in which the cab was “suspended” so that frontal and lateral tilting could be realistically simulated.

  • Assembly of the chassis incl. all associated fastening elements, brackets, steps, adjustable feet, coverings, etc.
  • Mechanical documentation
  • Calculation of the tipping load