Distance and thickness measurement

Measuring station for automatic centre thickness inspection

... using the example of a moulding tool for contact lens production.

With contact lenses, even minimal deviations from the specified centre thickness can influence wearing comfort. High precision centre thickness measurement is therefore essential.

Technical description
  • Precision measurement of distance between die and patrix
  • Programming of a configuration interface
  • Programming of the automatic sequence for newly created Centre Thickness System (CTS)
  • Programming using NI LabVIEW
  • Digital I/O via PCI card, 19" industrial PC
  • Precision distance control of moulding tools (distance between patrix and die) as required for contact lens production
  • Connection to a central laser interferometer via fibre optic cable
  • Interface of optical channel to other standards  (e.g. measuring position via RS-232 connector) using Agiltron fibre optic switch
  • Colour-coded warnings of setpoint deviations or tolerance violations for each individual measuring channel
  • Optional display of measured values (deviation from setpoint, difference to previous measurement)
  • Different authorisation levels (user, supervisor, administrator)
  • Encrypted storage of measurement data
  • Retrieval and printout of measurement data (including old  data)
  • Automatic deletion of obsolete measurement data via separate Windows application
  • Interface between measuring programme and Windows application