Display characterisation


... using the example of a stand-alone machine, end-of-line.

Instrument clusters need to provide clear information. In addition to various electrical tests and CAN diagnostics, the displays and warning lights of the instrument clusters are therefore also measured. The luminance, chromaticity coordinate and general switching function of the displays are tested. Flicker measurement is also possible.

The system components used

LMK luminance camera
  • Measurement of chromaticity coordinate and luminance of warning lights
  • Measurement of luminance of displays and determination of contrast
  • Measurement of the chromaticity coordinate of the displays and, if necessary, readjustment of the RGB values of the display to the desired white point
  • Black Mura test
  • Detection of correct switching of display in different operating states
Colour Analyser
  • Flicker measurement and, if necessary, readjustment to minimise flickering in LED displays.