Completeness and presence check

"good" part

... using the example of a robot unloading unit and testing for sliding joints.

A handling system removes the test specimen and positions it in a station of a turntable. There, a 6-axis robot brings the required measuring system and the corresponding lighting unit into position in order to check various properties of the object.

After successful OK testing, a second 6-axis robot removes the tested component and places it in a box. Defective joints are returned to the deposit belt by the handling system and fed to the NOK station.

The system components used

Surface camera with transmitted light

The light is directed from the back of the object towards the camera. Using the contour, it is possible to check whether there is a retaining ring on the test specimen.

Laser triangulation sensor

The laser beam detects the test specimen that reflects the light. The light sensor concentrates this and reproduces it on the light receptor. This enables faults that occurred while the retaining ring was being pressed to be detected.

Optical sensor camera