Reading codes and labels

... using the example of an automatic function test rig for gear pumps.

After testing and rinsing process, the robot inserts the tested pump on an empty workpiece carrier (WT), which moves into the laser marking cell. A data matrix code is burnt onto the iO-tested pumps. Then the WT enters the verification cell. There, the DM code is checked. NiO-checked pumps are diverted through a switch to an NiO conveyor line where they are manually removed again.

Automatic function test rig
 Measurement according to test standard
  • Flow rate at variable oil pressure and pumping rotational speed
  • Torque of the pump shaft in the start-up phase and at varying oil pressure and pumping rotational speed
  • Pressure pulsation measurement to detect missing or defective components at variable speeds and pressure
  • Quality of laser marking
During the test
  • Measurement of oil temperature
  • Measurement of actual speed
  • Measurement of actual pressure
  • Monitoring of suction pressure
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