Fully automated assembly line for the “sharp lower blade” assembly system

Product variants of the sharp lower blade

Faster razor assembly.

The production line we developed enables an assembly comprising four different types of blade to be assembled in less than one minute.

drawing of a sharp lower blade
Technical description
  • For 4 different product types
  • Cycle time: 1 second
  • Workpiece carrier changing time of 0.5 seconds
  • Automatic feeding of the individual parts via vibratory conveyors
  • Camera inspection of punching condition
  • Automatic pin assembly and control
  • Deburring station
  • Automatic palletiser to feed the blades to the turntable by robot
  • Punching of the blades and preparation for blade assembly
  • Welding of the blades with Trumpf laser
  • Camera inspection of the welding spots and the position of the blade in relation to the vibrating body
  • Laser marking of product parts
  • Removal of the products via handling system with selection of error code
  • Placement of products in customer trays by robot
  • Cleaning of the workpiece carriers on the conveyor system